One of the main reasons I became so consumed with skincare is my town, here on the North Shore of Oahu, is very casual. It’s also warm all year. Walking around town with a full face of make-up really isn’t comfortable, realistic or practical, especially given my surfer girl lifestyle. So rather than coating on the layers to “cover up” my skin, I became obsessed with changing the texture, tone and clarity so that I didn’t feel the need to mask my face. At 39, my skin is in better condition than it was at 21. I typically find myself wearing no more than a tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss and in what now seems like a previous life, I wore the full face of make-up.

Here in Haleiwa, living a healthy lifestyle is pretty easy. With all the natural beauty that surrounds us on the north shore, it seems in line to focus on our own natural beauty. The ocean, mountains, amazing flowers and ocean wild life are true inspirations. With an amazing bike path that spans about half of the seven miles of the world’s best surf breaks, there’s always something active you can engage in. From surfing, bodyboarding, mountain biking, running, walking, yoga or whatever, the outdoor lifestyle gets most of us in the healthy mindset. Exercise increases circulation, which tends to plump and brighten skin. Exercise, in combination with eating clean, organic foods from nature, is a recipe for clear, glowing, youthful skin. Add on an amazing outer skincare routine like O’o Hawaii and you’ll ditch the heavy make-up forever.

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