Invest in O'o Hawaii

Join us in on our mission to ignite O’o Hawaii by investing in our company for as litle as $100! You’ll receive a return of 1.75x plus free product and discount perks!

Every little bit gets us that much closer to our goal! We’re really excited to announce that we’ve launched a campaign with Mainvest, a secure and easy to use investment platform! We’re raising funds to build inventory, create new products and give our customers the best experience possible! The sky is the limit and by being an investor, you’ll get to take part in product development, VIP invites and discounts. Click here to leam how you can join in on our journey and reap the benefits with us.

“I created O’o Hawaii as a cruelty free alternative to high performance, natural skincare and as a way to give back to animal charities including the Keahou Bird Conservation Center and Paws of Hawaii!”

-Holly Harding, Founder

Our success means your success when you invest in O’o Hawaii! Here’s what we’ve got brewing:

  • New Major US Retailers Ready to Launch!
  • Extensive New Products for All Skin Types!
  • International Distribution in Europe, Israel, India, Korea and More!
  • More givebacks to #adoptdontshop animal rescue groups!
  • Exciting contests and giveaways!
Why is O’o Hawaii unique in the sea of
beauty brands?
  • We use antioxidants grown in Hawaii’s nutrient rich, volcanic ash soil. This soil makes these antioxidants like noni and coffeeberry even more powerful!
  • Our Triple Boosting Complexes™ are unique to O’o Hawaii. This artful science provides incredible results as each high performance active in the complex works off the strength of each other.
  • We are the standard for clean beauty and we’re non-GMO!
  • Integrative internal/external approach to skincare and backed by Integrative Nutrition Expert, Hollly Harding, INHC, AADP
  • Our packaging is so cool!
  • Innovative, cutting edge chemistry with real results!
  • Holly’s true passion (aside from health and skincare) is animals and animal rescue. Her mission in life is to help as many animals live their best lives and through O’o Hawaii, she hopes to continue to give more and more each year!

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