With so much conflicting information out there, it can be confusing to know what’s best for your skin! At O’o Hawaii, we believe beauty goes beyond the surface. That’s why we created an integrative skincare line that compliments the healthy lifestyle you value. While we know first hand how amazing a facial can be for cleansing and detoxifying the skin, there are tons of lifestyle habits you can adopt to enhance your complexion. Work these super simple tips into your daily routine to support your skin and overall health!


More Skincare, Less Makeup!:
Our favorite look, is a natural look! Makeup is best when used to enhance your beautiful assets, rather than cover and clog your skin. O’o Hawaii is formulated with real ingredients from the earth to naturally purify your complexion. Many foundations can clog pores causing irritation, breakouts, and dehydration of the skin. If you do choose to wear makeup daily, make sure it’s the right fit for your skin type and try our Soar finishing balm to lock in superfood benefits and moisture for a smooth pre-makeup pallet.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration:
You would be surprised how many of us don’t drink enough water. Staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do not only for your skin, but for your overall health. Adding raw fruits and veggies such as cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, ect) into your diet is an easy way to increase hydration. Like the rest of our body, our skin is made of mostly water. When cells are dehydrated, the skin appears dull and dry. When drying occurs, our skin loses elasticity, becomes less resilient, and is more prone to those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles. Compliment your internal hydration with our Birdbath ultra hydrating antioxidant cleansing balm as an external hydration boost to your daily routine. We like to leave Birdbath on for a 2-minute hydration flash mask to maximize detoxification and skin softening abilities. Add some hydration into your routine and watch your skin come to life!

Get Your Sweat On:
Unfortunately, no matter how clean our lifestyle, there’s no way to completely avoid toxins on planet Earth today. The good news is, sweating is one of our body’s natural ways of detoxifying. Sweating often is important for purging the skin of pore clogging toxins that may cause acne and blemishes. Aside from cleansing the skin, the exercise you’re doing to produce your detoxifying sweat will boost endorphins, improve circulation, and benefit your overall health and mobility. After sweating it out, steam our Birds + Roses  hydrating and firming mask to plump the skin and stimulate new cell growth with ultra-luxe ingredients like snow mushrooms, rose quartz crystals, and the oil from 600 roses!


Soak Up (Some) Sun:
Okay, we know this basically goes against everything you’ve ever heard, but trust us on this one. Allowing your skin some time in the sun is beneficial for vitamin D absorption, which many of us are deficient in. Vitamin D actually kills bacteria and viruses in the skin as well as strengthens your immune system. While we totally agree too much sun is not good for the skin, too much chemical sunscreen is not the solution. Being in sunny Hawaii, we’re hyper-aware of this issue because it’s always sunny and the sunscreen residue is killing our coral reef! Not only is it harmful to the environment, but the chemicals used can be serious endocrine disruptors for both men and women. Our Superfood Beauty Boost contains Hawaiian Red Algae that acts as an internal sunscreen blocking UV radiation from within. In addition, all of our products contain low level sun protection through the natural superfoods and antioxidants they’re comprised of so you don’t have to stress about the SPF!

Clean Eats:
Did someone say food?! Incorporating nutrient dense super foods into your diet can help fight inflammation, flush toxins, and increase hydration. We recommend minimizing packaged processed food and filling your diet with rich produce from the earth such as berries, avocados, wild caught fatty fish, and dark leafy greens. For more on our favorite skin health enhancing foods, check out our journal post “What is Your Skin Hungry For”.

Even with a healthy diet, it’s likely you may still be missing some key vitamins and nutrients. That’s why we created the Hawaii Superfood Beauty Boost to address the three internal areas of digestion, the liver, and hormones that can cause less than glowing skin when imbalanced. The supplement is a highly concentrated collection of antioxidants, nutrient rich Hawaiian superfoods, digestive enzymes, and herbs with no preservatives, lactose, gluten, or artificial additives. While most collagen supplements come from cows and farmed raised fish, our Beauty Boost is a vegan alternative that uses herbs, antioxidants, CoQ10, and curcumin to increase circulation and increase collagen growth. Try our beauty boost to help brighten the skin, promote collagen production, reduce inflammation, help digestion and strengthen immunity!

Say NO to harsh chemicals:
The majority of drugstore skincare and beauty products might be doing more harm than good for your skin. According to studies, on average women use at least 12 personal care products daily that contain 168 different chemicals! Many of these chemical preservatives, emulsifiers, and fillers are linked to cancer, allergic reactions, and hormone disruption to name just a few effects. Our philosophy is to preserve and protect the skin with a prescription from nature. We choose to use the most high functioning superfood level natural ingredients from non-GMO sources grown organically in Hawaii. There is simply no need for chemicals when Mother Nature provides everything we need.


Stop Before You POP:
We’re oh so familiar with that urge to pop the pimple that sprouted up at the most inconvenient time! However the potential scarring is not worth the satisfaction you get from destroying that whitehead. The process can even cause you to push the content of the pimple deeper into your skin causing increased inflammation and a more noticeable red spot. Try using an exfoliant like our Birdseed face scrub to detoxifying the pores without stripping the moisture.

Get Your Zzz’s:
Catching your nightly Zzz’s can have a major impact on your skin health. When you’re sleep deprived, your body produces more of the stress hormone, cortisol which leads to increased inflammation in the body. This increased inflammation can show up in the form of acne and cause the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid.  Deep sleep allows the body to repair damaged cells that could lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s no wonder we call it our beauty sleep!


Daily Skincare Routine:
Last but most definitely not least, find a natural skin care regimen that works for you! Did you know your skin can absorb up to 60% of what it comes in contact with? We created a skincare line that is highly effective without the use of  harsh chemicals and fillers by tapping into the healing power of Hawaiian superfoods and crystals. Our line is stocked with deeply hydrating and anti-aging products that will bring noticeable results in as little as 3 days. Discover how O’o Hawaii can transform your skin with our collection of deeply effective, natural skincare!

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