If there’s one thing we really get excited about here at O’o Hawaii, it’s staying up to date with the latest and greatest trends the Spa and skincare world has to offer! With the rise of health-conscious consumers, the spa world is sourcing more ethical and guilt-free products than ever before that support the entire mind+body+spirit. Check out how O’o Hawaii is soaring into the top spa trends of 2019!
1. Au Naturale
With the wellness industry growing more rapidly than ever, it’s no surprise that guests want to know exactly what’s in their skincare products. O’o Hawaii ingredients signify beauty not only for what they accomplish, but how, where, and why they are grown. Our products are composed of pure, high functioning clinical level actives with non-GMO ingredients from nature. Filler ingredients with no benefit are never used, making our formulas highly concentrated and effective.


Old skincare has us trained that whatever you can’t pronounce is ‘bad’ however that’s simply no longer true. While you might notice some unfamiliar names in the ingredient list, everything is derived naturally from plants. We use a sophisticated preservative system of ingredients that encapsulates and works together to preserve the product naturally so chemical preservatives such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, and dimethicone are never seen. You will find clinical level actives such as sodium hyaluronate, fermented ingredients, and vitamin C for the most natural results based skincare possible. Sodium hyaluronate is the salt derived from the larger molecule hyaluronic acid. While many skincare lines use hyaluronic acid as a topical solution, it does not permeate the skin well and works better when injected. Vitamin C and sea buckthorn oil, one of the most potent vitamin C solutions found in nature, is used to boost ferulic acid content. Fermented radish root and Hawaiian sea silt shrink the molecule sizes of other active ingredients for a more absorbable and high-functioning result.


2.Crystal Infusion:
Spas are exploring the intersection of both looking and feeling beautiful with products that address the mind, body, and spirit. The energetic powers of crystals are paving the way for a more conscious spa experience. While nearly everything in nature has both a vibration and an electromagnetic field, the vibrations all resonate at different speeds. Crystals have the natural ability to oscillate and hold frequencies to power energy fields. This electromagnetic energy can balance, heal and energize the mind and body. Beyond dosing yourself with good vibes, crystals have been known to enhance the penetration of key actives making the potency of the products even greater for your skin. Rose Quartz and Sapphire crystals liquified in O’o Hawaii topical products promote circulation which leads to collagen production and healing of skin abrasions.

The ancient Chinese practice of facial gua sha massage moves lymphatic fluids and releases fascia to increase blood flow, plump the skin, and encourage lymphatic drainage, all while improving skin elasticity and preventing wrinkles. The solid rose quartz crystal gua sha beauty tool represents the heart chakra and promotes unconditional love of others and self love.

3. Integrative Skincare:
As spa extraordinaire, Wallace Nelson put it, “Topical only skincare will be the MySpace of 2019- holistic internal solutions are the future!” The trend of beauty that begins from within is continuing to grow and we couldn’t be happier. O’o Hawaii founder, Holly Harding formulated an integrative skincare line based on her belief that a diet of nutrient-rich, unprocessed and unrefined food from nature is key. Beautiful, glowing, ageless skin is made possible through a combination of diet, supplementation, and highly functioning skincare. The Hawaii Superfood Beauty Boost offers a natural boost of beauty from the inside out that clears skin and increases radiance with a highly concentrated collection of antioxidants, Hawaiian superfoods, digestive enzymes and herbs.


4. Cannabis Infusion:
It seems you can find CBD just about everywhere lately and the spa is no exception. That’s because the mind and body therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol oil (CBD) is perfect for the ultimate spa treatment. Not only does CBD provide calming effects internally, but topically the oil penetrates deep to muscle and joints allowing guests to reach a full body state of physical relaxation. You can find cannabis seed oil in O’o Hawaii’s Brilliant Feather Beauty Balm as an anti-inflammatory standout that repairs sun damaged skin and protects against free radicals.

5.Going Cruelty-Free:
The global vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic market are speaking up loud and clear and companies are listening to the demand. Nearly 40 countries have bans in place for the sale of cosmetics tested on animals including New Zealand, UK, Turkey, South Korea and more. In the US, California became the first in the country to pass then ban in 2018. At O’o Hawaii, we never test on animals nor do we support sources that do. We refuse to sell to countries that require animal testing. Did you know that if every major beauty brand would refuse to sell to brick and mortar stores in China until animal testing was banned, animal testing would nearly disappear?


Our signature skincare formulas and beauty supplement are all vegetarian (the use of sustainably sourced honey makes the products non-vegan) and we encourage the ethical treatment of animals, the consumption of a primarily plant-based diet, and highly discourage factory farming. In addition to these beliefs, we donate a portion of proceeds to the Keauhou Bird Conservation that preserves and protects native Hawaiian Birds.


6.Sustainable packaging:
It’s time to ditch the plastic packaging and the spa world is quickly catching on! Look for more simple, multi-use sustainable skincare packaging now available for retail at your favorite spas. O’o Hawaii is committed to eliminating single-use plastic in every way possible. Being a Hawaii based brand, we see first hand the effects of single-use plastic consumption washing up on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii Nei. That’s why our packaging is made of reusable white opal glass jars so you can store paper clips or plant a succulent in them post-skincare!

7.Facials for Young Skin:
Children and teens have been following their parents lead more than ever by embracing special spa treatment. According to the International Spa Association, more than half of US spas offer family or teen packages to address young skin. O’o Hawaii versatile products are formulated to serve both aging and youthful skin. We use antibacterial ingredients such as manuka honey and Hawaiian red alaea clay to fight acne without using harsh chemicals that strip hydration. The Hawaiian Superfood Beauty Boost naturally balances hormones with ashwagandha and evening primrose while providing a healthy dose of Hawaiian antioxidants and superfoods to boost immunity and overall wellness for any ages.
7. Indie Boutique Brands:
Corporate beauty is facing more competition than ever before as consumers value the ethics of where, how, and who their products are produced by. Spa guests are looking for unique brands that value quality and results above all else. As one of the top up and coming independent beauty brands, O’o Hawaii Birdseed Facial Scrub was awarded facial scrub of the year for both IndieBeautyExpo Best in Show and New You Beauty 2018.
8. Superfood + Antioxidant Facial :
A superfood is defined as one that is rich in compounds such as antioxidants, fiber or fatty acid. Fellow skincare junkies know that glowing skin doesn’t end at nourishing the body with superfoods from within. These days spas are featuring more treatments that tap into the star superfood ingredients to promote healthy, glowing, radiant skin!

We have carefully selected organic ethically grown ingredients from Hawaii and around the world. Within the superfood category, superfruits like acai berry, elderberry, and strawberry guava are creating all the buzz for their age-defying benefits. Aside from the fact that you want to make a smoothie out of these yummy ingredients, the vitamin and mineral rich ingredients are great for locking in moisture and turning back the clock. In addition to fruit- nuts, seaweeds, herbs, and bee products are used both internally and topically to give the skin the burst of phytonutrients it needs to rid toxins from the skin resulting in skin repair and replenishment for a youthful glow.


10. SPAcation:
Last but not least, the latest trend is vacationing to a spa hotel to enjoy daily treatments, can you say yes, please?! These SPAcations can include wellness activities and healthy dining experiences to ensure full relaxation time.


Looking to plan your vacation around an epic spa experience? Receive a full O’o Hawaii Superfood and Crystal facial on your next Hawaii vacation! We’re available for treatments and purchase at Naupaka Spa at The Four Seasons Ko Olina and The Kahala Hotel & Resort Spa on Oahu, Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea on Maui and No. 11 Spa Cayman at Grand Cayman. Check out our full stockist of spas and retail location here.

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